Book Feature of the Week

Dead Family Diaz: A picture book about overcoming stereotypes and finding a friendship in a new perspective The Synopsis: Angelito's family is excited to visit A Tierra De Los Vivos (The Land of the Living), but all Angelito can think about is how scary the living might be. Frightening images of Halloween are paired with... Continue Reading →

Book Feature of the Week

Green Pants: A picture book embracing individual style and creative solutions The Synopsis: Jameson gets his confidence from his green pants, which he wears religiously. With the power of his green pants, he is a star! Jameson is very excited to participate in his cousin's wedding, that is until his mother informs him he will... Continue Reading →

Restorative Justice at work for boys of color

As kids mature into high school, the link between behavior and academic success becomes more closely intertwined. Research shows, young black boys are most likely to face suspensions. NPR's Morning Edition follows one school as it aims to address behavior and academics in more equitable terms. Listen to the podcast of read the transcript at:... Continue Reading →

The Word Gap Revisited

"The word gap," (Hart & Risley, 1995) or the difference in the number of words a children of different economic statuses are exposed to at an early age, has been a point of reference for early childhood educators and parents for more than two decades. As families and schools try to close the gap between... Continue Reading →

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